I am not Competing with Muhangi — Salvado

I am not Competing with Muhangi — Salvado
Photo: Unknown 2020-01-22T06:24:50Z

Comedian Salvador Idringi has a show at Kololo airstrip on the same date with Alex Muhangi who will be hosting Nigeria’s Rudeboy at Cricket Oval, Lugogo on February 14. 

 Salvador was the first person to book Feb 14 and shortly Muhangi announced he was flying in the Nigerian star.

 At that time, Salvador was pissed with Muhangi. However in an new interview, he said he is not competing with Muhangi.

“I don’t know whether he has any bad intentions staging a show on that date.God will reveal to us. I am a leader in the comedy industry so I am not going to attack Muhangi over this. I only wish him well,” he said.

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