Judith Babirye Desperately Single And Searching.

Photo: Unknown 2015-09-07T08:45:34Z

Gospel singer Judith Babirye seems to be desperately single and searching and she is determined get a man who will give her two more babies.

JB left her husband of four years relationship because she claimed that he was a Casanova, insecure about Judith’s status and that he neglected his parental obligations and often slapped her.

According to JB, Niiwo, her former hubby; chased her around the house, grabbed her and beat her mercilessly, in full view of their neighbours. Something JB, couldn’t tolerate, she believed things would have been different if it was not done in public.

The singer who was gathering up momentum for her upcoming campaigns where she is eying a political seat in Buikwe North, revealed to church members at House of Prayers Ministry International that she need two more babies.

 “If Sarah, Abrahama’s wife could produce at 90 years of age, why not I, Judith Babirye?” “Manyi kisoboka; I only need two more children from God,” Babirye asserted.


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