Of Course My Knees Are Black — Robin Kisti's Responds To Skin Bleaching Allegations.

Photo: Unknown 2015-01-17T10:00:11Z

Robin Kisti was yesterday accused by journalists that she also breached her skin and forgot to apply more chemicals on her knees, her knees are black as night,-- man I wonder what else is black obviously am talking about  the parts we ‘rentable to see.

Robin was so keen on explaining her situation, she revealed that her knees are dark because of over kneeling when I was little , yes -- she openly blamed her Buganda tradition that compels red blooded Baganda women to kneel for older people as show of respect.

"When journalists lack what to write about, they start looking at things like the color of your knees, mbu they are too black......hahahaha.of course they are black! I am a black Muganda lady who was raised kneeling for everyone older than me, and I am actually proud of that coz thats part of my morals and I still do it to this day. I am very comfortable in my skin and love my chocolate skin so if you see any imperfections, just knows that they are part of me and I embrace them. If the goal was to make me feel insecure about myself, then I am sorry to tell you that you got the wrong girl."

So I wonder who she will blame for her other darkened parts. I will leave that, to your own imaginations..

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