I will Give birth after Sheebah - Spice Diana

I will Give birth after Sheebah - Spice Diana
Photo: Unknown 2021-10-25T19:50:45Z

Spice Diana, 27, celebrated her birthday over the weekend at Serena hotel, Kigo. She was surrounded by family and friends.

When she was asked if she is starting a family soon, she replied that there is no specified time to get married or give birth.

She noted she is still busy with her music career. She will only think about giving birth when she achieves her dreams.

Spice Diana went ahead to use Sheebah, 32, as her role model in marriage issues.

 “Sheebah is already 30 years but, she has not yet given birth like many others. Why do you want to rush me? I am still busy with my music,” she responded when she was asked about having a baby.

She also emphasized that “I will only give birth after Sheebah.”

Both Sheebah and Spice Diana have no known boyfriends.

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