Kickboxer Lubega Godfrey vows to marry Azawi

Kickboxer Lubega Godfrey vows to marry Azawi
Photo: Unknown 2021-10-19T19:11:46Z

Azawi is the hottest cake in the Ugandan music industry at the moment.

Having made her breakthrough in 2019 with her hit single, 'Quinamino", Azawi went on to release a 5 track EP and an album with 16 tracks that are currently topping charts on the different countdowns.

This success has surely put her in the target of many city dudes who ultimately have plans of bedding her just like any other female celebrity.

Kickboxer Godfrey Lubega wants a share of Azawi.

According to a video recorded at one of the gyms in Muyenga, the kickboxing champion vowed to walk her down the aisle.

“I will marry Azawi on 25th January 2022," he partly said.

When Azawi had just made a breakthrough two years ago, she was often likened to a man. Many thought she would never get suitors.

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