Bobi Wine Secretly Talks to Museveni - Chameleone

Bobi Wine Secretly Talks to Museveni - Chameleone
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-26T19:23:28Z

Leone Island boss, Jose Chameleone, recently quit Bobi Wine’s party, National Unity Platform(NUP).

Chameleone has been facing heavy criticism after rejoining NRM. Chameleone says he has a right to support whoever he wants and that it is wrong for people to roast him for receiving a car yet Bobi Wine also got assistance from the President when his armored car was seized by URA.

“Why didn’t you criticize Bobi Wine when the President helped him get his car from URA. He talks to the President. How do know they don’t meet?" Chameleone said in a recent interview.

Chameleone has been cruising his new Range Rover around the city.

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