Master Parrot Advises Chameleone to Take Music Break

Master Parrot Advises Chameleone to Take Music Break
Photo: Unknown 2021-09-23T19:48:08Z

Faded singer, Master Parrot might have run out of hit songs, but he still has plenty of opinions. 

He says Chameleone should take a break from music if he is to build a legacy.

Master Parrot opines that Chameleone’s lack of proper strategy is causing him a lot of trouble as regards his brand.

“I would ask Chameleone to first take a break, withdraw from the public eye. Two years off the social scene without releasing a single song would create scarcity, and his demand would go up. He should stop rubbing shoulders with upcoming artists. That is what Michael Jackson did. He never argued with upcoming artists but concentrated. People would want to see how he looks after a long time. And the legend in him would pop up,” Master Parrot explains.

Chameleone is currently in the news for kneeling for a fellow man after receiving a gift of a car.

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