I’m A Proud Beggar — Kabako to Bobi Wine 

I’m A Proud Beggar — Kabako to Bobi Wine 
Photo: Unknown 2021-07-31T19:19:23Z

Team No Sleep singer(TNS) Roden Y Kabako is not ashamed to be categorized as a beggar.

The singer admitted to going to Gulu to meet Gen Salim Saleh with the hope of getting some cash.  Speaking in a new interview, Kabako said he is not ashamed to be called a beggar because it is an accurate description of him.  

“Bobi was right. I’m a beggar. And that’s because I don’t have money. I want to be honest with you, my going to Gulu was to get money and nothing else. I will continue requesting cash from those that have some disposable income. I even begged for money to do a Kwanjula. Even the President ( Bobi Wine) knows that I am broke. It’s normal not to have something in your pocket,”   Kabako explained on why he went to Gulu.

Kabako didn't meet Gen. Salem Saleh as he was bounced at the entrance.

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