I have excelled because of too much pressure - Pallaso 

I have excelled because of too much pressure - Pallaso 
Photo: Unknown 2021-06-28T17:13:37Z

Pallaso has recently crowned Artist of the Year at the Zzina Awards 2021 after a successful year that saw him drop hit songs like "Malamu" that topped charts.

A decade ago, nothing was known about Pallaso because was serving a jail term in the States.

He made a comeback in 2013 after his brother Weasel alongside his singing partner, late Radio gave him a platform before he signed to Jeff Kiwa’s TNS where he enjoyed relative success.

For close to five years, Pallaso struggled to make it to the table of men, and every other day, there was too much pressure and expectations from fans and family because his brothers were doing exceptionally well.

This prompted him to work harder and during a recent interview, the “Nalonda Nemmala” hitmaker confessed that he wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for the pressure. 

“I attribute my success to much pressure that has always been on me from family and fans,” Pallaso confessed during an interview with Galaxy FM
Pallaso is now considered one of the best artists in the country.

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