Nubian Li's Wife Explains Relationship with Fefe Bussi

Nubian Li's Wife Explains Relationship with Fefe Bussi
Photo: Unknown 2021-05-30T19:46:00Z

She sleeps alone like a nun ever since her husband musician Nubian Li was sent to jail.

While taking an oath as woman Councillor for Kyanja Parish, she was accompanied by the smallest rapper, Fefe Bussi.

This set tongues wagging on social media.

While speaking to the media, Mutoni Gloria explained that  Fefe Bussi is her younger brother. She added that Fefe Bussi has not been so close to him in the public but as people of the same family, they have been talking.

"Fefe is my brother and he has stood by me today. It's my pleasure to have him here since Nubian Li is in jail yet he has no crime," she explained.

Mutoni narrated that she will continue to stand by her husband as he continues to fight for his freedom. She confirmed that not even death can keep her away from the father of her children.

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