Zari Unapologetic As Fan Is Robbed in Her Name 

Zari Unapologetic As Fan Is Robbed in Her Name 
Photo: Unknown 2021-05-20T20:04:03Z

Zari Hassan is tired of warning people being robbed by con artists using her name. The socialite has often notified her followers not to fall prey to opportunists who create pages under her name with the intention to con people.

The warnings, however, seem not to be helping as more people are still falling into the baits of the wrong people. For that Zari is not sorry because she says, she has done her part to caution, and anyone who falls a victim is stupid.

“I will never take responsibility for things I didn't do,” Zari wrote on her timeline after a follower texted her asking her to refund money that was conned from her through her page.

“I will keep warning you, so try whatever it is at your own risk. I think she FINALLY went to MY ACTUAL PAGE and found my real email. The question is why didn't she use the same approach to ask me if the people she was talking to are legit. Why now? Go back where it started,” furious Zari fired back.

Zari feels that the people who are conned are naive and keep dragging her reputation in the mud.

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