Kabaaya Denies Dumping Bobi Wine's Camp

Kabaaya Denies Dumping Bobi Wine's Camp
Photo: Unknown 2021-05-13T19:57:40Z

Self-proclaimed Ghetto President, Kabaaya has denied ditching Bobi Wine’s camp in favor of Museveni’s yellow side.

Rumor has been swirling around town that Kabaaya joined NRM and this was accelerated by the fact that he was invited to Kololo for Museveni’s swearing-in.

Kabaaya, however, didn’t turn up and says attending would mean he has betrayed his master, Bobi Wine.

Kabaaya describes Bobi Wine as a strong pillar in his life as an artist. 

It is in Bobi’s Firebase Army where Kabaaya started his career artiste.

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