Mayinja Begs Sevo for Ministerial Position

Mayinja Begs Sevo for Ministerial Position
Photo: Unknown 2021-03-21T20:32:07Z

Controversial musician Ronald Mayinja has asked the President to pick him as the minister in charge of the entertainment industry.  He said it's high time the industry is recognized and given what it deserves.

Mayinja who crossed to the NRM from NUP last year revealed he doesn't regret his decisions and he is having a good time in the ruling party.

"I don't regret joining NRM, I am praying that the President appoints me as the head of the entertainment industry. We need our ministry that deals with our affairs. Our money will be coming straight to us," he said in an interview with local television.

Mayinja added that he will heavily lobby for the musicians and all entertainers if given the chance to head the ministry.

"I can't refuse to lead the ministry and I can use it as a platform to lobby for us in the sector, we are the right people to lead," he partly said.

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