I crossed to NRM because I was broke - Ronald Mayinja  

I crossed to NRM because I was broke - Ronald Mayinja  
Photo: Unknown 2021-01-20T21:03:56Z

Less than two weeks ago, it was reported that Ronald Mayinja had forcefully taken a phone belonging to a journalist identified as Yudaya Nangozi after an interview at his home.

The singer claimed he had confiscated the phone because the journalist had recorded footage of his children while naked but the journalist said otherwise.

According to Yudaya, her phone was taken because Ronald Mayinja had uttered statements he wasn’t sure were right to publicize.

In audio recorded on the recovered phone,  Ronald Mayinja said he joined NRM because he was too broke and struggling financially. 

It should be remembered that Ronald Mayinja was a NUP member and a diehard fan of Bobi Wine’s People Power movement before crossing over to Sevo’s camp in a move that saw him release a song heaping praises on the president-elect dubbed “Mzee Akalulu”.

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