Big Eye blames fellow artists for Presidential snub  

Big Eye blames fellow artists for Presidential snub  
Photo: Unknown 2021-01-07T19:38:32Z

On Monday, several entertainers who have been campaigning for NRM like Buchaman, King Michael, Bebe Cool, and Full Figure met President Museveni at State House in a closed-door meeting. 

However, singer Big Eye who has been a staunch supporter of President Museveni was a no show.

According to Big Eye, he had no idea about the meeting. He was told by King Michael while doing a Covid-19 test. 

“He didn’t tell me. If he had, I would have been at State House. None of them alerted me. It’s only King Michael that told me when he was taking a Covid-19 test,” Big Eye said.

He blamed fellow musicians for the snub but said he still has the hope to meet the President. 

“I will not say much about the betrayal. I know my fellow artists are involved but it’s okay because you never know there could be a bigger plan for me since I am aggressive and prominent as my social media pages suggest,” he concluded.

Big Eye was part of Bebe Cool’s team during President Museveni’s campaign trails.

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