Prostitution Doesn’t Pay — Zari Hassan

Prostitution Doesn’t Pay — Zari Hassan
Photo: Unknown 2020-07-07T20:56:27Z

Zari Hassan scoffed at people who propagate the narrative that prostitution pays using her as an example. She says they are selling a lie.

“I am not a prostitute. I work for my money. I work hard everyday, don't be hoodwinked,” she explains.

She is the Director at Brooklyn Colleges which she founded with her late hubby Ivan Ssemwanga.

Zari is accused by many for gaining her wealth through sleeping with rich men.

She says she finds men poor and builds them, those she has dated.

“I found Ssemwanga very poor and I built him. I pushed him to better because we had a dream. Starting this school was my idea. Today, we employ 189 people and we pay taxes. I am a wise woman,” she adds.

She also advises slay queens to start income generating businesses instead of spending time on their phones, abusing her and the government.

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