Kasuku to Start Association to Fight for Journalists’ Rights

Kasuku to Start Association to Fight for Journalists’ Rights
Photo: Unknown 2020-07-06T20:41:28Z

Gossip monger Kasuku is a man on a mission. Kasuku, who works with Nation Media has started a campaign to fight against suppression of freedom of expression by journalists especially those in the entertainment world.

Kasuku says he is also starting an association that will be responsible of fighting for the rights of journalists and also protect them in cases  when their jobs are threatened.

Recently, two media personalities; Tina Fierce and Mc Ibrah were suspended from their stations over saying offensive words against certain personalities on air. 
The presenters were taken off air after a lot of pressure from people like Sheilah Gashumba and her fans. 

This, according to Kasuku should stop.

He says media bosses are doing a wrong thing by not standing with their own presenters.

“We want our media bosses to stand with us in times of trouble, the same way they are with us when we are making profits for them,” Kasuku explaining his cause.

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