Balaam Barugahara Threatens to Sue Kampala Sun, Demands 1billion

Balaam Barugahara Threatens to Sue Kampala Sun, Demands 1billion
Photo: Unknown 2020-07-06T20:37:20Z

Events promoter Balaam Barugahara has issued an intention to sue  Vision Group’s tabloid The Kampala Sun over a story which featured on the cover with a screaming headline, “Balaam Harasses Uganda Cranes Over Sevo Cash.”

In the story, it is suggested that Balaam is wrestling with Uganda Cranes players for a share of money given to them by President Museveni.

Through his lawyers Isabirye and Co. Advocates, he says the story is false and baseless. 

“The story has damaged the reputation of our client in a manner that is irreparable. It suggests that our client is criminal and an amoral and indefensible man,” part of the letter reads. 

The lawyers say Balaam has suffered pain, anguish and has been put to great obium, embarrassment, stress and ridicule.

“Our client, instructs us to demand, as we that you immediately apologize to him for the falsehoods published against him retract the same and further compensate him for the pain, described above, that you have occasioned, now estimated to a sum of Uganda shillings One billion,” reads a letter penned by the lawyers.

The letter further states that Vision Group has only three days to apologize to him for these falsehoods published against him, retract the same and compesate him one billion shillings for pain  or legal action will be taken.

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