Kapa Cat opens up on Liking fellow women

Kapa Cat opens up on Liking fellow women
Photo: Unknown 2020-06-28T20:28:33Z

Upcoming musician Kapa Cat is best known for her hit songs like 'Sikyo' and 'Understand'.

The songstress has however been a subject of debate in the recent due to her sexuality.

Rumour has been swirling that Kapa Cat sleeps with fellow women but she had never come out to clarify on the matter until days ago when she opened up while appearing on Galaxy FM’s Big Bang show.

Kapa Cat said she always looks for comfort and settles where it is.

 “I look for comfort and settle where it is,” she responded to the host Prim Asiimwe after being asked if she likes fellow women.

Over the years, musicians like Nina Roz, Sheebah, Recho Rey have been rumoured to be more comfortable with  fellow women than men.

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