Frank Gashumba Is An IDIOT - Kalifah Aganaga

Frank Gashumba Is An IDIOT - Kalifah Aganaga
Photo: Unknown 2020-05-29T07:22:14Z

Faded musician Kalifah Aganaga is always ready to go up in arms with any person that lands on his hate list. He has now started a war with media critic Frank Gashumba, calling him an Idiot.

Kalifah said Gashumba is a useless Ugandan who is always seeking for relevancy at times he is not needed.

He said that Gashumba shouldn't have gone to war with Buganda's Prime Minister, Mayiga, but he did so because he is always idle.

"Idiots like Frank Gashumba shouldn't be given a platform because they always air out nonsense. He failed to raise his daughter responsibly. He is now haunted, that is why he attacks responsible people in society," Kalifah said during a Facebook live .

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