GMG Boss Paul Owor Cited in Bryan White Saga 

GMG Boss Paul Owor Cited in Bryan White Saga 
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Gifted Music Group(GMG) boss Paul Owor is said  to have helped Bryan White’s former secretaries who are accusing him sexual harrashment to escape and hide away from Bryan White Foundation commonly known as podium.

According to a one Moon Tekisha, who formerly worked at the podium  with Stella Nandawula and Vivian Mutunda, when the girls escaped, they were housed in apartment by Paul Owor.

According to Tekisha, the girls had tried to escape several times but they would be captured and returned to the podium. She says they would be threatened, tortured hence instilling fear in them. Even when they went home, Bryan White would use his men to drag them back to Munyonyo.   It is therefore the reason, they sought help from Paul Owor. They knew he could save them from Bryan White.

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