Troubled Bryan White Accuses NBS Uncut Team Of Sabotage

Troubled Bryan White Accuses NBS Uncut Team Of Sabotage
Photo: Unknown 2020-05-19T08:19:54Z

Controversial socialite Bryan White is in a spot of bother after being accused of sexual harrashment by his two secretaries.They claim they were sexually assaulted and tortured during their stay at his residence in Munyonyo, a Kampala suburb.

A one Stella Nandawula and Vivian Mutanda opened up to NBS Uncut  reporter Kayz about the alleged sexual harrashment by the socialite and the interviews have since gone viral.

Bryan White through his social media platforms responded claiming that NBS Uncut team is joining hands with 'mafias' to tarnish his name and also send him to jail.

He alleges that the team lead by producer, Peter Kafuuko, was previously on his payroll before dropping them over poor  execution of work.

He claims they pocketed alot of money from him and now they trying to sabotage him because he no longer finances their lifestyle.

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