Daddy Andre Is Struggling with depression - Close Pal

Daddy Andre Is Struggling with depression - Close Pal
Photo: Unknown 2020-04-02T10:46:18Z

Song writer, producer and singer Daddy Andre is going through a difficult time after he was recently accused of sexual harrashment by upcoming musicians.

A few days ago, he was ditched by girlfriend Angella Katatumba who said he had refused to take a HIV test. 

A close pal informed Howwe that the ‘sikikukweka’ hitmaker is currently struggling with depression.

 “Times are hard. He is broke, his manager left him because of Angella but she also ditched him. He is going through  depression. He is tired and isolated. We pray he gets better," a close pal revealed.

This comes at a time when UMA President, Sofia Gombya instructed Daddy Andre to close his studio as investigations into his sexual assault case are ongoing.

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