Chameleone's Songs are For Burials - Bebe Cool

Chameleone's Songs are For Burials - Bebe Cool
Photo: Unknown 2020-03-11T07:32:48Z

The verbal war between Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool is not about to stop.

A few weeks ago, Chameleone said Bebe Cool only does bubble gum music.

And Bebe Cool has responded saying Chameleone's music is only fit for burials.

The 'wire wire' singer said Chameleone should stop crying crocodile tears in his songs. No one will come out to help him, he needs to produce good music that sells.   Pouring  his heart out in song like 'Baliwa' won't save him.

" My brother should move out of his comfort zone. We are tired of people who only lament. I here Baliwa, such songs  are senseless,"  Bebe Cool explained during  a local television interview.

Bebe Cool also advised Chameleone to start paying producers to enable them make quality songs. 

He also warned him that  he shouldn't expect free services from his recently opened Record studios in Ntinda.

"He is known for not paying producers and song writers. He should start respecting  producers. We can also use my studios after presenting payment receipts," he said.

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