End of An Era: Drama Girls Losing A Grip on Kampala’s Social Scene

End of An Era: Drama Girls Losing A Grip on Kampala’s Social Scene
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The Kampala social scene lacks life lately. Once upon a time, Kampala was filled with glamour girls who knew and seemed to have mastered the art of making merry. They threw parties and gave definition to what Kampala’s life is all about. Fast forward, most names have faded off the scene.

December in 2019 is not like December in 2015. The latter was punctuated by parte after parte. Glitzy, Glamour stuff and drama dominated December. Where are the people who gave life to Kampala’s night life? Socialites and Wannabes who knew to eat parte....

1. Zari Hassan

 She was responsible for hosting the All White Party which happened annually until around 2017. Her party was a must attend on social calendar year. Her parties however started to be infrequent when she broke up with the late Ivan Ssemwanga to date Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz. Ssemwanga is said to have been the main financier of the White Party idea. Diamond was not as supportive of the idea, Zari to organize them so often. The singer is said to have barred Zari from organizing them reportedly under the fear that she would hook up with other men in Uganda.

Zari broke up with Diamond but the parties have never returned. It’s all in the past. Any plans to revive them were shuttered by the death of Ivan Ssemwanga in 2017. Zari said in one of her interviews that she couldn’t continue throwing parties in the month of December after his death. It's the time to remember him. She also said she was concentrating on motherhood. Zari is a mother of five kids. Three she shares with Ssemwanga and two with Diamond. She is raising all her kids in South Africa.

She has had brief appearances on the Kampala scene as Miss Uganda judge, although nothing makes a statement as those days when she organized the White Parties.

Even her love life has become as boring as Fresh Daddy’s music.

2. Bad Black

Shanita Namuyimbwa aliaa Bad Black is now a Snapchat queen. She relegated herself to posting vulgarities online after running short of finances to sustain a party life. She burst onto the scene in around 2011, only to be arrested in 2012 over charges of fraud. She was jailed for four years, putting a stop to her life of riley.

She tried bouncing back by partnering with various socialites such as Don Zella with whom she hosted the Red and White party at Club Ambiance and then hosting a party with Cameroon Gitawo. All these partnerships didn’t go past the first year of birth.

Apart from occasional appearances, Black is off the scene.

3. Judith Heard

Judith Heard made her name for eating life with a big spoon. She however started to fade when she split with her husband Alex Heard, who is said to have been financing her lifestyle. She is always struggling to stay relevant. Last year, she hosted the Social Media Generation Party which has not returned this year. It  seems she is now beyond her sell-by date.

4. Sue Ochola

She is responsible for the Arab Money parties which are happening again this year. The parties are not a big thing as they were four/five years ago because Sue is not as rich as she was then. The Arab Money parties now happen without anyone noticing. Sue now owns a cocktail bar in Bugolobi where she spends most of her time. She lives a reclusive life and if she steps out of her zones, she is not recognized as before.

5. Don Zella

Don Zella was big when she was dating singer Big Eye. When they separated, they tried to organize the Red and White Parties to remain relevant. The event has since gone to the grave.

This year, she is in the country but there’s no mention of her name among the big poppers making December happen.

6. Tracy Bora

Tracy Bora is beautiful. Her body used to be a catch for visiting celebrities and whenever they came to Uganda, she made sure she stood where they could notice. She managed to get their pants downs which in turn made her popular. She is rumored to have slept with the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor, Asamoah Gyan, and some Nigerian musicians. She is currently grassing in Entebbe.

7. Mandy Lisa

Mandy Lisa was a regular in Kampala bars back then and she was hard to miss, thanks to her naughty behavior. Her biggest moment of fame was when she started a fight with Bebe Cool at Club Silk. The fight spilled to social media.

She was also rumoured to be having two Kandahars.

She relocated to Finland where she stays with her son.

She appeared recently in a video twerking her well shaped body to Bobi Wine’s song.

8. Doreen Katureebe

She is that girl who appeared in a picture pantyless with Jose Chameleone. Chameleone featured in the picture putting his arm around her waist. She was a party girl masquerading as a model. She made her name associating with big time celebrities in Uganda but since it doesn’t pay to associate and party, she ran broke and left the country for Kyeyo in Dubai.

9. Desire Luzinda

She is known for many things. Her music. Her flashy birthday parties and her relationships. She has however not been on the charts since she left for USA early this year. She has a charity event scheduled for Saturday which she won’t attend herself.

She even pulled the curtain on her music (secular) to do gospel.

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