I am Ready For A Music  Battle  With Bobi Wine At  400M - Bebe Cool

I am Ready For A Music  Battle  With Bobi Wine At  400M - Bebe Cool
Photo: Unknown 2019-12-09T06:03:51Z

The long awaited musical battle between Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine might happen if Bebe Cool is paid 400M.

Bebe Cool says he has invested more in the music industry than Bobi Wine, he deserves more money.

The Gagamel boss is known for shooting expensive videos compared to his friend turned enemy.

"I am ready to battle Bobi Wine if am paid 400M. My brother has not invested in his music,  250M is enough for him. Any promoter willing to make this battle happen should contact me," he said during an interview on a local television.

He also confirmed he hasn't spoken to Bobi Wine since last year when they met at Serena Hotel in Kampala during for Eddy Kenzo's  concert.

He claims there is no bad blood between the two  but they differ in ideologies.

Bobi Wine speaks bad of the government which empowered him to be rich at the age of 30.

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