Mc Kats Is Depressed - Insiders Reveal

Mc Kats Is Depressed - Insiders Reveal
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Mc Edwin Katamba alias Mc Kats reportedly tried  to take his own life on Tuesday morning in London. It is reported he stabbed himself with a knife and he was saved by friends who called the

paramedics to save his life.

"We are waiting to hear from them, our brother needs help.. ..  It's sad but we think all will be well," source revealed.

Mc Kats had gone to London to host DJ Shaddy's mixtape alongside the DJ duo Slick Stuart and Roja, Fik Fameika, Grenade and A Pass.

Many who have been following him up on social media for the last two weeks were not shocked by his actions.

He has been on an emotional rollercoaster, posting statements that are not cordinated.

His worrying mental state is said have been triggered by his petty fight with his longtime friend Producer Sidesoft.

 It was reported the music producer together with musician Shammy K conned 7 million shillings from Mc Kats. Their betrayal sent him to the edge.

While in London, he continued using all tribes of drugs combined with alcohol to cope up his frustrations and pressure.

"His continued drug addiction is the major cause of all his problems. He has been using marijuana and alcohol on a daily basis," an insider revealed.

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