How Controversial Socialite Don Nasser Apparently Accumulated Wealth

How Controversial Socialite Don Nasser Apparently Accumulated Wealth
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Socialite Don Nasser, 27, recently moved into a posh home in Kira. The multi-million house has a home cinema, a night club, a swanky home office and many more features. Nasser owns a fleet of expensive cars in his parking, including a Rolls Royce, a Range Rover Vogue 2016, Mercedes Benz GLE and many more.

When he goes to bars, he buys the most expensive drinks from the counter. He lives a luxurious life like he has a key to the National treasury.  

Who is Don Nasser?

He hails from Bushenyi. He came to the city in his 20s and those who know him from his early days call him Isaac. Nasser is a name he adopted recently after getting money. 

Through friends he made in the city years back, Nasser involved himself in fake gold trade to get by. And sometimes to crack a deal, he masqueraded as the son of a prominent rich person in town.

“He once masqueraded as the son of Hassan Basajjabalaba to con the son of Fairway Hotel owner (an Indian) while selling him fake gold in 2011. He earned $3500 from the deal,” a close pal revealed.

Through a friend, Nasser met a Sudanese girl who  had previously dated Simon Rusoke (Former owner of the defunct Koko Bar) 

Nasser according to a source started dating her with the intention of conning her of her money. As time passed by, he got to know her relatives who had a lot of money. He convinced one of her uncles to invest in gold and as a result, he conned him of $1M.

Upon getting the money, Nasser started to look for his way out of Kampala. He sought Cheune’s help and went to South Africa, and later moved to Hong Kong.

A source says, “It was in Hong Kong where he hit a jackpot. And returned to Uganda very loaded.”

In 2018, he was arrested and charged in court for obtaining money by false pretence, allegedly having conned Johnny Hill a 56-year old American national of $700,000 (over Sh 2bn) in a gold scam. He was released and the charges were dropped for lack of substantial evidence.

Nasser was also accused last year by his ex girlfriend Maggie Nakawesi (AK47’s ex) for fleecing a rich friend of hers. Nasser conned Maggie’s friend masquerading as Nasser Ntege Ssebagala’s son. 

The socialite lied to the unsuspecting woman that he owns a gold mine in Karamoja, a lie that led him to fleece $5M.

When asked, Nasser claims to be a legit businessman who deals in real estate.

 “I build houses and sell or buy and sell," he claims.

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