Tanzanian Government To Force Diamond and Tanasha Get Married Or Be Arrested

Tanzanian Government To Force Diamond and Tanasha Get Married Or Be Arrested
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A Tanzanian government official has announced that any couple in the country that has been living in sin, yaani, not married face risk getting arrested.

The new directive was announced by Tanzania District Commissioner, Andrea Tsele, who ordered the arrest and jail of the couples, said that, come we stay relationships have yielded way too many street children.

The District commissioner was speaking at Mavanga Village during a men’s workshop in Ludewa Njombe region, Tsele, said that men have perfected the art of convincing women to accommodate them and dump them after they get pregnant.

“And some of the human beings who should be thrown behind bars are people who do not want to solemnize their relationships, yet they want to live together as husband and wife,” said Tsele.

He suggested that there should be an arrest warrant out on couples living in sin because the number of street children is fast escalating.

A while back, Zari Hassan called Diamond a deadbeat dad and even warned Tanasha telling her that she should be prepared to raise her child solo.

Zari also intimated that it won’t take long before a cheetah’s spots shows.

Diamond and Tanasha are currently living together as man an wife but they are not married.

Esma, Diamond’s sister revealed that the Bongo star still loves his freedom and doesn’t look forward to have it curtailed with a marriage.

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