Busted: Zahara Toto’s boyfriend is A Serial Bank Robber

Busted: Zahara Toto’s boyfriend is A Serial Bank Robber
Photo: Unknown 2019-11-08T05:25:35Z

TV presenter Zahara Toto has been painting Kampala red with her boyfriend Tony Taban Suleman a.k.a Big Papa.

Big Papa, 26, appeared on the social scene from nowhere and his source of income is questionable.

In an interview, Zahara Toto claimed her lover hails from a loaded family in Australia.

In our investigations, we learnt that Big Papa is  the most wanted man in Australia for the crimes he committed 4 years ago.

He was a serial bank robber in Melbourne, Australia.

He used stolen cheques to make deposits at banks.

The said crimes were committed in 2015 at banks in Sushine, Burwood East and Melbourne CBD. The stolen cheques Taban used are believed to have been linked to aggravated burglary in Toorak in 2014.

An arrest warranty was issued and published in Australia’s leading daily and he has since then been on a run.

 He end up in Kansanga, Uganda for about two years before fleeing to South Sudan.

He returned to Uganda few months ago.

When she met Zahara Toto, she promised to help him become famous on top of bonking him non stop.

But he is not as rich he portrays. He depends on borrowing money from money lenders to finance his lifestyle.

He gifted Zahara with a BMW car with a fake personalised number plate weeks ago and it was later discovered that it belonged to one of the South Sudanese tycoons living in Uganda.

He is also in trouble for failing to clear hotel bills at Sky hotel, Naguru.

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