Mafias want to kill me -  Kenzo

Mafias want to kill me -  Kenzo
Photo: Unknown 2019-10-16T10:47:49Z

Eddy Kenzo has been pouring his heart out on social media describing his frustrations in his life.

While addressing his fans on Facebook, he claimed a group of people in the Government known as ‘Mafias’ want to eliminate him.

 “These people want to killl me before 2021 so that i can’t say anything. They pay DJs not to  play my music. They have also paid some people to abuse me for nothing. They want to bring me down. It is beyond Rema and me but unfortunately, she is not aware that they are people behind this, " he claimed.

He also vowed to do anything in order to get justice. 

“If I am to die, I will die but I must get justice,” he said.

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