Faded Musician Banjo Shows Off Unfinished Apartments

Faded Musician Banjo Shows Off Unfinished Apartments
Photo: Unknown 2019-07-10T14:30:10Z

Musician Banjo, brother to  Bobi Wine has been off the social scene for many years.

Most people thought he was slowly getting wasted in the slums of Kamwokya.

But it turns out, he has been working hard behind the  cameras.

Few days ago, he unveiled his apartments which are still under construction.

Insiders revealed to us that this is just one of the many projects that Bobi Wine's elder brother is working on.

 "I will always thank God for all that is going on in my life. Well friends, brothers and sisters, this is my new project this year, this project started in mid April this year and in God's might hand, it will be finished this year. In Jesus's name I pray............... Amen,"

he wrote.

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