List Of Glamour Girls Whose Nudes Could Leak Next

List Of Glamour Girls Whose Nudes Could Leak Next
Photo: Unknown 2019-06-05T07:54:09Z

A few days ago, Martha Kay’s nudes went viral on the internet leaving a number of men excited like they had hit a jackpot.

This left a number of women who are ‘trading’ in the same industry panicking on whose photos could leak next.

Here is a full list of the women whose nudes could grace the internet next.

Sheila Gashumba

Sheila Gashumba is well known for jumping from man to man in the name of more money. Her previous lovers could leak the photos anytime soon.

Tina Teise

The NTV Login presenter is always global trotting. She has been spending big on holiday courtsey of yet to be identified men. These male sponsors could soon turn against her.

Jenny Nasasira

Jenny Nasasira was unemployed for a long time before getting a job at Ntinda based Radio 4 which she later quit and moved to Lagos.

It is alleged that Jenny is living with her Nigerian lover but as we all know, the Nigerians can never be trusted. If you're not convinced, as Desire Luzinda.

Boss Chic Alicia

She is a city struggling bar marketer who is hungry for fame. She can do anything for fame. From posing semi naked on her social media platforms to  reportedly having affairs with fellow women. Who knows? She could leak her own nudes next since the business is booming.

Alicia Nassuna & Clique

These girls headed by Alicia never miss a single party in Kampala. Her sister Jackie hooked a loaded dude known as Moze, who is always sponsoring their party life. However, they can’t be fully depedant on Moze, they always hook up men at this high end events. From a trusted source close to them, these girls are capable of doing anything for money.

For a matter of fact, one of the group members was a kandahar vendor at one of the top hangout spots in Ntinda after dropping out of school.

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