Artistes that have shot videos at  Mike Mukula's house

Artistes that have shot videos at  Mike Mukula's house
Photo: Unknown 2019-05-23T07:02:19Z

Former minister and vice chairperson for National Resistance Movement Eastern region, Mike Mukula has a multi billion residence in Bugolobi.

It comprises of modern art furniture, cinema, a swimming pool for both adults and young ones among many others .

A few local musicians have had the privilege to shoot their music videos in this state of the art mansion .

Bebe Cool 

Self proclaimed big size was the first lucky singer to shoot his video from Mike Mukula's house in 2005 for hit song, "I don't wanna be lonely" shot by dedac .

Maurice Kirya 

Sasha vybs captured amazing moments in 2017 from the same mansion for Maurice Kirya's song, Insane love. 

Rema and B2C

The fast trending song, Gutujja was captured from the same lavish home in Bugolobi.

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