List of Celebrities Rumoured To Have Enjoyed Pretty Glo's Bean

List of Celebrities Rumoured To Have Enjoyed Pretty Glo's Bean
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Faded Singer Gloria Ingabire  commonly known as Pretty Glo was caught red handed stealing a phone on Monday evening at Ham towers. The mother of one and ex-wife to Qute Kaye broke to fame in 2010. She was more known for her curvy body that left many men wanting a piece of her.

Here is a list of top men that are reportedly to have enjoyed her;

Onyango Gareth 

City bar marketeer has literally enjoyed every hot babe in Kampala. This relationship created a rift between him and his then girlfriend, Nickita Bachu around 2011 when he was managing Kampala road based Club Rouge .

The two used to hangout at defunct Liquid Silk in industrial area. Actually, Chameleone also made a move on Pretty Glo's friend, Doreen Kabarebe.

Dj Shiru 

He surfed Pretty Glo's juicy thighs as well. After his gig at Liquid Silk, they would head back home together.

Eddy Kenzo 

BET award winner was close to her around 2010 when he had just dropped his ' Stamina' hit song .The two nearly legalised their bonking sessions .

Mc Kats

Celebrated microphone star and television personality enjoyed her  goodies as well. They used to hangout at Club  Rogue .

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