Sexy Tina Teise Searching For Husband

Sexy Tina Teise Searching For Husband
Photo: Unknown 2018-12-03T09:39:39Z

NTV login presenter Tina Teise is  ready to settle down with a caring man after many years of partying nonstop.

The self proclaimed Kabale juice has asked her friends to help her find a suitable man that will be willing to fertilize her eggs.

"Tina finally wants to have a kid," a close source told Howwebiz.

She has been linked to several  smart wires in Kampala including deejay Aludah, Slick Stuart,Ivan Ssemwanga and Ed Cheune, who often pays for her lavish trips in Dubai.

 "Ed Cheune seemed serious but all he can offer are hover boards and not a wedding ring," a source added .

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