Zahara Toto Worryingly Close To Witchdoctor

Zahara Toto Worryingly Close To  Witchdoctor
Photo: Unknown 2018-11-15T07:37:54Z

It is no longer a secret that wannabe businessman Don Bahati  can bang girls, their relatives and friends without feeling any remorse.

The latest information we have is that the self-proclaimed tycoon who has been rumoured to be working as a sangoma (witchdoctor) in South Africa and Zambia is worryingly close to city rumour monger Zahara Totto.

The two were spotted getting cozy mid last week in South Africa. Zahara was invited to host Starqt awards in Johannesburg.

Zahara did not even get second thoughts about sharing a photo of them getting cozy with caption “#Bestfriend”.

Alternative sources in SA tell us that Zahara Toto, a socialite and TV personality with NBS TV was all over Don Bahati when she attended the Star QT Awards in Johannesburg.

 “She was all over him like a stripper and he lapped up to the attention,” a source who attended the awards revealed.

What remains a mystery is what happened after the show; since the two disappeared in the same direction.

We shall keep you posted

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