INTERVIEW: I Love Lydia Jazmine - NTV's Crysto Panda

INTERVIEW: I Love Lydia Jazmine - NTV's Crysto Panda
Photo: Unknown 2018-11-06T05:52:31Z

NTV T Nation Presenter Crysto Panda has been spotted in public places several times having a good time with singer Lydia Jazmine.

Crysto Panda has finally admitted to having a thing for sexy Lydia Jazmine.

During an exclusive interview with Howwe TV presenter, Balam Bob, Crysto Panda declared that he hopes to work with Lydia Jazmine in the near future.

He says he enjoys spending time with her, emphasizing that he has never made an intimate move on her.

However, our efforts to reach Lydia Jazmine for a comment were futile by press time.

It should be noted that Lydia Jazmine and Crysto Panda were spotted at Buzz Teeniez Awards in May having a good time.

Also, Lydia Jazmine has broken up with 2 of her alleged boyfriends, Bushingtone and Robert Kampala in a space of less than 3 months.

Crysto Panda could be one of the reasons for these break ups?


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