Sunday Column: Frank Gashumba on Sheila-Fameika love, Bobi Wine responds to Grace Lubega, Hellen Lukoma mansion: Photoshop?

Sunday Column: Frank Gashumba on Sheila-Fameika love, Bobi Wine responds to Grace Lubega, Hellen Lukoma mansion: Photoshop?
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Now without wasting any more minute of your time, let’s delve into the top stories this week.

-Sheila Gashumba has clocked marriageable age. She wants to move out of father's house. To be with Fameika? Father is not impressed with the idea. He slapped her. Fameika is the son-in-law he wants. He wants a man with property, real property, like apartments and cars, not a guy who who says, "my woman, my property" A woman is not property.

-Bobi will hold a concert at Namboole stadium. It will be a test of his popularity. Can he attract more people than those who attend Phaneero or Andrew Mwenda's likes? Fingers crossed.

Frank Gashumba finally reacts to Sheila-Fameika love

Sheila Gashumba and her father, Frank Gashumba are not a perfect family anymore. They have been the goals of every father-daughter, but their reputation floundered couple of days ago when it emerged Frank had swatted his girl, apparently because she returned home late with a gang of drunk friends. Sheila’s friends disrespected Frank. They called him names. Names we all can guess; they could have called him a conman or provoked him to prove his manhood. He has been without a wife for so long. Sheila is the only woman who has been in his life. And now they are starting to splinter. Sheila has clocked marriageable age. She is seeing boys. Boy with swag and fame. In the previous years, men only dated her in darkness. She was not yet ripe, she could lead them in jail for defilement. Now that she has advanced in age, guys are bold. Sheila herself is brave. She is seeing Fik Fameika, and making sure everyone in the world knows about it. She is throwing it our faces; on Instagram she is posting videos singing, Tonthukuma, on TV, she showering him with praise, and she is wearing his shirts. It is match of people from contrasting worlds; Fameika was born in the ghetto whereas Sheila was born in fortune and has grown up in it. Her father once said she’d not let a broke guy near his daughter. Fameika is not broke. He has walked away from it, a mile or so away. But he is not the picture of a son-in-law Frank has held in the eye of his mind for years. He wants a man with property, like apartments in Bunga, not a guy who prides in owning girls. He wants a guy with revered titles to his name, like first-son, not fresh bwouy.

Hellen Lukoma mansion: Photoshop?

She is not Vinka. She is not Sheebah. Those ones have hits. They are racking in loads of cash. Hellen has not hit song. She has never had one in her entire life. She is a fashion designer an actress and many more things, but in our minds, what she earns from all is less than what a primary school teacher in Kyanamukaka earns. Fashion in Uganda doesn’t really pay. The same can be said about acting. No local filmstar is on the list of millionaires. We are therefore still refusing to allow that Lukoma managed to build a mansion she called, Baby Doll Mansion. It could be a real doll of a picture she is playing with.

Bobi Wine responds to Grace Lubega

Phaneero ministries’ Grace Lubega came under fire since a week or so ago when he used his pulpit to hurl disparaging words at Kyadondo East Member of parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) Phaneero later distanced itself from the statements relaying that they video in which Grace was spitting venom had been made by haters to tarnish the Apostle’s name. Nonetheless, the fury has not ceased. Bobi is not one to respond to his haters these days. He has never responded to Andrew Mwenda who attacks him daily on end. Not to Bebe Cool, but when ‘a man of God’ of throws insults at you, it’s a sign. You must react. Bobi has announced a concert slated for October 20 at Namboole stadium. Lubega holds his fellowships every week at UMA grounds. He attracts mammoth crowds. That Bobi has announced a concert, it is a test of his popularity. Can he attract more crowds than Grace Lubega or Bebe Cool or Andrew Mwenda’s Facebook likes.


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