I talk to A Pass - Bebe Cool

I talk to A Pass - Bebe Cool
Photo: Unknown 2018-09-02T06:44:03Z

Singers Bebe Cool and APass have come to be known as enemies despite working together on several projects in the past.

A Pass enjoys poking Bebe Cool, criticising his music and his ways of life. Some time back,  Bebe Cool blocked A pass on Twitter and he responded by saying he doesn't follow Bebe Cool.

At the Royal Ascot Goat Races event that happened at Speke Resort Munyonyo recently, Bebe Cool named his goat APass.

The feeling among many is that the two don't see eye to eye, but during an interview, Bebe said he doesn't take his jabs serious.

To him, it's just to market the young artiste. He says they are friends and can talk anytime.

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