Sunday Column: Weasel Resurrects, Miss Uganda Recovers from Coma, While A Pass and Bebe Cool Still Play Kid’s Games

Sunday Column: Weasel Resurrects, Miss Uganda Recovers from Coma, While A Pass and Bebe Cool Still Play Kid’s Games
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Welcome to this week’s round up of all the hot gossip swirling around town. Every Sunday we sit here and share thoughts about the stories we heard.

Weasel roars

Few months into this year, Weasel’s career was struck by a tsunami; Radio’s death. They had sung together as a duo for 10 years, scoring a long list of achievements and winning a huge fan base here and overseas. Radio’s demise, according to some folk was the end of Weasel’s musical journey. The basis of such views was that it is Radio who did most work in the studio; penning songs and whatnot. It was he, Radio, who breathed oxygen in Weasel’s voice. Epitaphs were written. And they were not easy. They were hard hitting. Piercing. Paining, and gut killing. Weasel’s loss of spirit was captured in one WhatsApp voice note in which he said, he was tired of singing. Also reminding fans that Radio was not here anymore. Dead. Gone. Kaput. “If you want him, go and exhume him from the grave,” he scoffed at critics.

That silenced few. It woke more naysayers. His songs Tokyayitaba, a tribute to Radio and 32, collaboration with Spice Diana did not get any positive raves. Weasel has been disoriented, but with his new song, Mpa Love which features, chart-topping King Saha, he will reclaim a place in the hearts of music lovers. It is a wonderful one. Well packaged. Good teaming. Saha is a great singer. He has a lot of Radio in his voice.

This collabo has been long overdue. Glad it’s here. Don’t get it twisted; we’ll always miss dear Radio, but with this song, we’ll not miss him the same way it has been for us in the past couple of months.

Miss Uganda recovers from coma

Busoga is the land of….? Okay, stop, not what you said. It is the land of beauty. This year’s Miss Uganda is 22-year-old, Quin Abenakyo from that part of the world. Zuena Kirema, Zari Hassan also hail from that side. See. Land of beauty, I told ya.

Anyways, Abenakyo was crowned on Saturday at The Kampala Serena Hotel. She is, umh, beautiful. If you put her with Bizzu on a scale. Bizzu will get Bizzu 2%. But that doesn’t mean she was the hottest among the contestants. There were other hotties. Abenakyo’s sword was in her brain. She showed brilliance. She brought it out eloquently. Confidently. Majestically, like a queen.

Her crown was granted to her by Zari Hassan, Maggie Kigozi, Ahumuza Bryan and others. This choice of judges has, however, been questioned from the get go. Zari, critics say she is better placed to judge men’s bedroom abilities, their abs, and more stuff like that. Ahumuza’s knowledge doesn’t go beyond skin jeans. T-shirts. Caps, and socks. And lastly, Maggie Kigozi, honestly speaking, Maggie would do well in things like women Sacco’s; a nigina in wakiseka or twekembe group in Owino.

All in all, the event did not have any significant hitches, despite the poor choice of jugdes. They came. Sat there. Feigned expertise, and got us through the event. The event was well attended, and you don’t have to wise to know; Zari, Maggie, Ahumuza and other celebs involved were only used to pull crowds.

New hope has been established for Miss Uganda after many years without steam.

A pass, Bebe Cool

We're not giving the same amount of words and space as the previous stories. We’re tired of the childish beef between A pass and Bebe Cool. One blocked the other on twitter. Ah…it has become boring to write about them. Bye.

Happy new week ahead!

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