Bebe Cool is a Certified Beggar — A Pass

Bebe Cool is a Certified Beggar —  A Pass
Photo: Unknown 2018-08-02T06:41:58Z

Singers A Pass and Bebe Cool have been involved in social media wars for some time now.

A pass has again branded Bebe Cool as the beggar.

While appearing on a local TV station, Apass was asked to comment on Bebe Cool's concert slated on 3rd August at Kololo Airstrip, and he openly told the interviewer that he is not shocked that the concert will be held at Kololo Airstrip.

"I am not shocked. Bebe Cool is a state house beggar. Everyone knows that the venue was given to him at free cost. He cannot afford to pay for it. It's the only way NRM can pay someone who supports their nonsense."

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