NTV's Joel Khamadi Robbed Clean

NTV's Joel Khamadi Robbed Clean
Photo: Unknown 2018-06-11T08:28:01Z

As many Ugandans were still mourning the fallen NRM Arua legislator, Ibrahim Abiriga, and questioning the state of security in the country, some were getting richer after sweeping clean the home of one of the biggest TV personalities in the country.

 NTV Uganda reporter, Joel Khamadi, was robbed clean by thieves over the weekend.

Our snoops have learnt that the news anchor returned home after a day at work only to find an empty house with everything taken including toiletries.

 On learning this, Joel Khamadi took to his twitter platform to  report what had happened to him before questioning the current state of the nation.

"Just gotten home to an empty house. TV, PS4 and other electronics, clothes, shoes, money, toiletries all gone!! Robbed and left with only what I have on me. Something is wrong with this nation," shocked Joel Khamadi posted.

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