Fik Fameica Spends Night In Jinja Police Cells

Fik Fameica Spends Night In Jinja Police Cells
Photo: Unknown 2018-04-10T05:58:57Z

Fast rising singer Fik Fameica has been making headlines for all reasons.

Over the weekend, the "Mafia" singer spent the night at Jinja police station.

Our snoops have learnt that Fik Fameica was paid to perform at Jinja SS but snubbed the show which prompted the angry and disappointed students to riot and start vandalising school property.

On learning that the events had taken a sour twist, the "Property" hitmaker decided to show up but it was too late for him to perform. It was at this point that the Officers grabbed him and threw him in cells to calm the situation.

Reliable sources say his manager, Karma Ivan came to his rescue after the sleepless night in the coolers. He was forced to cough the money he had been paid before his artiste could be let free.

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