Zari Hassan Turns Down Diamond

Zari Hassan Turns Down Diamond
Photo: Unknown 2018-04-10T05:48:31Z

The news that singer Diamond Platinmuz and socialite Zari Hassan are over caused commotion on social media. Since then, the two have been portraying on their respective social media accounts that they have moved on happily. What we gather suggests that it is just an illusion. It seems Diamond is not over Zari yet.

A few days ago,  Zari was in Tanzania where she had gone for a brief business trip. According to a news site in Tanzania, Zari checked into a plush hotel and when Diamond got to know about it, he tried to buy his way into her room.

Zari, however, declined to see him. It is said that Diamond is secretly trying so hard to make amends with the mother of his two children.

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