Robin Kisti’s Protruding Belly Shocks Fans

Robin Kisti’s Protruding Belly Shocks Fans
Photo: Unknown 2017-01-30T08:46:41Z

Former NTV login presenter, Robin Kisti shared a disturbing picture of her and yet to be identify man with her belly seemingly heavy with a baby.

Dressed in a crop top and her arms wrapped around a muscular dude, Kisti looked to be like 4 months pregnant. Kisti, who resigned her job at NTV to settle with the boyfriend in Boston, USA, might be pregnant yet again with the third child.

The protruding stomach deserved to be in blouse that covered her fully. She received her first baby girl in 2014 and second born in 2015.

If you thought Zari was a baby making machine please think twice Kisti is yet another "badder" competitor.

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