Truth Behind Dean Nsubuga And Hellen Lukoma’s Nasty Break Up Revealed

Truth Behind Dean Nsubuga And Hellen Lukoma’s Nasty Break Up Revealed
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Late last year, socialite and fashionista Hellen Lukoma broke up with her longtime Boyfriend Dean Nsubuga. They washed their dirty linen in the public. Cheating accusations were the order of the day.

 Dean told the whole world, how he was tired of playing second best in their relationship after giving it all to the fashionista.

Over the weekend, the hard hitting truth finally came out as to why the two broke up. Dean’s sister called Clare revealed to us the case of the matter

 “There is a lawyer who is under Habaomugisha and company advocates that is located on the last floor of flat behind Nalubwama arcade. He is Northerner. He is the one who actually funded Hellen’s successful show last year. He, one time attacked Dean face to face and warned him off Hellen. There was a day, Dean found the two having sex in the car at some bar in town. Dean caught Hellen cheating on several times with the same lawyer but tried to take in her sorries. Actually, those two broke up a year back before everything leaked to the media. I can assure you, Dean was never the problem but Hellen’s greedy for money caused the break up” Clare said

Dean and his sister are losers- Hellen responds…….

When we called Hellen Lukoma for her comment over the allegations put against her by Dean’s sister, she was furious and threatened to look for her and beat her up

 “That Clare girl was a problem already to me even when I was still with Dean. She came between us several times. She is just a loser with so many failed relationship. She has been f**ked by several town men. Even useless men have bedded her. Let those people leave me alone” Hellen roared.

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