Chameleone’s Wife Vows To Attack Catholic Church Over Property!

Chameleone’s Wife Vows To Attack Catholic Church Over Property!
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Howwe.Biz told you a few weeks ago that, Chameleone’s wife, Daniela was in bitter fights with the Catholic Church over property left behind by late Fr. John Scalabrin.

Daniela claims she is the owner of the property while the church and other people claim the property is for John Scalabrin’s foundation. This confusion came after two WILLS were read following the death of late Fr. John Scalabrin. Since then, explosive words have been exchanged between camps.

 Well, while responding to the issue, Daniela never had kind words to express her anger and dissatisfaction towards the comments made in the media by the spokesperson of late Fr. John Scalabrin foundation. Daniela threatened to cause chaos at the late’s home if people within the foundation don’t stop talking BULLSH*T about her.

“I don’t know what use and gain those people get in painting me bad. I and Chameleone have enough property and we had never begged the late to give us the property. Why are these people on the defensive side? If they think I don’t own anything, why do they keep spreading false gossip about me? I am going to attack that spokesperson who speaks ill about me and we shall see where it ends. The priests and church elders all know the truth. I am going to go the Bbiina Catholic Church and talk to the priest for an explanation. Why do they allow their people spoil me and my husband’s name?

Meanwhile, speaking about her real father being a broke Italian who once lived in Uganda, Daniella trashed the allegations and said “Broke or not, he was my father’’

We will keep you posted.

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