Comedian Dolibondo Survives Death By Whisker

Comedian Dolibondo Survives Death By Whisker
Photo: Unknown 2017-01-05T09:38:33Z

Faded comedian Jesse Felix commonly known by his stage name Dolibondo must go and slaughter a chicken and enjoy some soup after surviving armed robbers. 

On the morning of 1st January  2017 at around 5 am in areas of Najeera where  Dolibondo resides, he was attacked and asked to abandon his car at gunpoint. 
The thieves drove off with the Audi A5 model 2003 but later abandoned it after running out of fuel. 
The stammering comedian discovered the car on his way to police as he found it abandoned but with spare parts missing. The lights, side mirrors, tyres were all missing. 
Last year, many artistes lost their vehicles including Geoffrey Lutaya who got lucky and the car, other artists singer Roda K, Dj Roja, Spice Diana and Rodney Y cars have not been traced.
"Whoever is behind the celebrity car theft for this year shall soon be captured", he consoled himself. 
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