City Bank Manager In Whopper War With Co-Wife

City Bank Manager In Whopper War With Co-Wife
Photo: Unknown 2017-01-01T05:21:17Z

The sexiest standard chartered female banker has been Brenda is finally off the shelf. For the last two years, she had caused a lot of tension at Forest mall branch. She is super sexy and social. 

One time it was alleged that Brenda was among the girls cited in the breakup of their manager’s marriage. She kept a distance thereafter. 

Sadly, as Brenda was in church making vows, another woman was home cursing. Brenda’s man who also works with her at the same bank left the first woman bitterly. 

A close pal to the couple and first wife says, Brenda’s man first hooked up a Rwandese chic who worked as a sales executive with the same bank. 

They cohabited for close to three years before they could break up. They had a son. Brenda and Baguma got married two weeks back.

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